An unexpected visit

On Friday, April 12, we received a call from Madeira, where we are carrying out a LIFE project with the Mediterranean monk seal. In that archipelago we had only seen them in Madeira and Desertas, but that Friday a seal had appeared in another of…

We keep growing!

On December 26, a new maximum was broken in the periodic counts of individuals that we do every week in each breeding cave. There were no fewer than 149 individuals together on the beach inside the Cave 3. Adding the samples counted in the other…

We’re going to the Mediterranean sea!

Our Greek colleagues invited us to participate in a LIFE project that takes place in Andros, the northernmost island of the Cyclades. Due to its proximity to Evia, it is a connecting link between the Cyclades and the islands of the western Aegean, a fact…
Video monitoring Madeira

Take a look at our video about the works development in Madeira

Footage of the action “Protection of caves of interest used by monk seals using photo tramp cameras”. LIFE13NAT/ES/000974 Life Madeira Monk Seal.
Instalacion camara nueva C1-PF-03-07-2017 (185)

4k technology is coming at Cabo Blanco

Cabo Blanco peninsula is located in the middle of the Western coast of the Sahara desert. The colony is on its west side, in a stretch with cliffs over 10 m high, at the base of which are the marine caves that seals use, facing…

Working in Madeira on monk seals tracking setting

In order to identify the marine habitat used by the monk seal of the population of Madeira, a non-invasive tagging device with Fastloc GPS receivers and a system for receiving information has been developed technically. This non-invasive methodology, without the need to capture, immobilize or…
R1115D01C3-MH- 265

“Costa de las Focas” reserve is full of life

The birth of P805 on march of this year, was the starting point of the 2015 breeding season. One season that we hoped it would give us a new record regarding the number of pups born. And it happened that way!! 73 pups were born…
El tuerto

One eyed

This adult male is very especial for us. Monitored since birth, the actual 2384 was named one eyed, because when pup, he lost one of his eyes. Born on October 2009, he was very easy to detect because of his distinguishable wound. Constantly monitored ever…

The third eye

21 years went by since the placing of the first camera of video-surveillance on the entrance of cave 1. A pioneer event that allowed discovering the intimacy of the seals inside their cavernous home, where they haul out and breed. A very discreet method that…
Intervencion C1-MH- 012

The Mediterranean monk seal colony of Cabo Blanco could be considered, at last, “closed”

Since 20 years ago, Cabo Blanco seals have been monitored continuous and intensely. Throughout this time, the knowledge we have of the colony is higher than of any other Mediterranean monk seal population. We think that for the first time we are looking at a…