Video monitoring Madeira

Take a look at our video about the works development in Madeira

Footage of the action “Protection of caves of interest used by monk seals using photo tramp cameras”. LIFE13NAT/ES/000974 Life Madeira Monk Seal.

Working in Madeira on monk seals tracking setting

In order to identify the marine habitat used by the monk seal of the population of Madeira, a non-invasive tagging device with Fastloc GPS receivers and a system for receiving information has been developed technically. This non-invasive methodology, without the need to capture, immobilize or…

Camera traps fot the monitoring of the Atlanctic monk seals population

At the post of May 25th, we told you how were the breeding caves of Cabo Blanco monitored, using surveillance cameras, with which a very precise, continuous and in real time monitoring of the colony is achieved. However this methodology can only be used at…