(ES) Cousteau y la foca monje


An unexpected visit

On Friday, April 12, we received a call from Madeira, where we are carrying out a LIFE project with the Mediterranean monk seal. In that archipelago we had only seen them in Madeira and Desertas, but that Friday a seal had appeared in another of…

The last refuge of the monk seal

Here the link to the article recently appeared in El País Semanal, signed by José Naranjo and that summarizes and updates the information of the monk seal colony in Cabo Blanco.

We keep growing!

On December 26, a new maximum was broken in the periodic counts of individuals that we do every week in each breeding cave. There were no fewer than 149 individuals together on the beach inside the Cave 3. Adding the samples counted in the other…

We’re going to the Mediterranean sea!

Our Greek colleagues invited us to participate in a LIFE project that takes place in Andros, the northernmost island of the Cyclades. Due to its proximity to Evia, it is a connecting link between the Cyclades and the islands of the western Aegean, a fact…
la reina

His Majesty Queen Sofia and the Monk Seal in Faunia

On Friday, May 11, the first exhibition about the species in Spain entitled “The Return of the Monk Seal” was inaugurated at the Faunia facilities, in order to raise awareness and make known to the general public about the monk seal of the Mediterranean. We…
DS01CJPT-MH-02-01-2018 (44) - copia

AIZA 2018 Prize for the Conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal in the Madeira archipelago. We succeeded!

AIZA, the Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, has granted us this year, in the category of “Projects of Conservation and Investigation in situ 2018″ its annual prize. It is very good news for all of us, because they have rewarded our work in Madeira,…
Video monitoring Madeira

Take a look at our video about the works development in Madeira

Footage of the action “Protection of caves of interest used by monk seals using photo tramp cameras”. LIFE13NAT/ES/000974 Life Madeira Monk Seal.

We participate in the LIFE Intermares

The LIFE IP INTEMARES, is the largest project of conservation of the marine environment in Europe. It aims to achieve a consolidated network of marine areas of the Natura 2000 Network, managed efficiently, with the active participation of the sectors involved and with research as…

Commemorative plaque to Jean Paul Taris

A few years ago, we baptized with the name of Jean Paul Taris cave 7, in honor of one of the people who most believed and supported our project from the MAVA Foundation, and who died in 2015. Recently we have received the visit of…