Resting in freedom

As every morning, on Monday august 15th we turned on the camera that allow us to monitor from the distance, the daily going of the seals of the reserve “Costa de las Focas” at the inside of the breeding caves. We thought it would be…
R1115D01C3-MH- 265

“Costa de las Focas” reserve is full of life

The birth of P805 on march of this year, was the starting point of the 2015 breeding season. One season that we hoped it would give us a new record regarding the number of pups born. And it happened that way!! 73 pups were born…

The importance of a birth

P805. That is the brand new number with which we are starting the 2015 breeding season. A breeding season that has started over a month earlier than the last ones. In fact it has been a very long time since “Costa de las Focas” reserve…

Double lactation at “Costa de las Focas” reserve

Sometimes, when looking inside the breeding caves at “Costa de las Focas” reserve, technicians see incredible behaviors, like, if even rare to see, two pups feeding on milk  from the same female.   Observing this type of behavior, you may get the conclusion that those…
DS02-C7-MH- 370

Youngsters of the colony

At this time of the year “Costa de las Focas” reserve is full of what we call youngsters, but what is really a youngster on a monk seal? It is an age category in between a pup and young, but why is it essential to…
Mother and monk seal breeding together. M. Haya-CBD-Habitat.

The success of the 2014 breeding season!

2014 breeding season is a complete success because never on the last 20 years, so many pups have been detected to be born at Cabo Blanco peninsula. And the best part of this great news is that breeding season is not over yet! so a…
S12D12-C7-M.C.- 752

“Costa de las Focas” reserve is in full breeding season!

(ES) Desde que comenzó la época de cría en el mes de Abril, la reserva “Costa de las focas” ha visto nacer a 67 crías. Número que ya es un record en toda la historia del proyecto y que esperemos aumente aún algo más.