Here at CBD Habitat, we want to keep working on conservation of the Mediterranean Monk Seal just like we have been doing up to now. In the last ten years, we have managed to get the number of seals in the colony to double, but, as you know, there is still a lot of work to be done: we have to continue with our constant surveillance work to preserve the habitat that we have managed to recover, and we must seek new locations for the colony’s expansion.
Do you want to help us? There are several ways you can.

Become a Member!

If you become a member of the Mediterranean Monk Seal Programme, you will be helping us to maintain the basic structure for work on the colony so that we can continue to work in the field on a daily basis to perform the tasks of surveillance, conservation and tracking of the population.

These annual membership fees are very important, because they allow us to partially finance our project and reduce our dependence on external financing. We would like to assure you that our conservation work is constant and uninterrupted. Because of this, we will be able to continue to see the positive results we have achieved up to now.

As Programme members, you will receive our newsletter twice a year, as well as other information that may be of importance about the colony. There are three subscription types:


If you prefer to do so, you can help us finance some project in particular. At the present time, we are raising funds for the following:

Scaling Materials :

Acquiring new scaling materials needed to track the colony

Goal: 3,000€

Scaling Materials

Acquiring new scaling materials needed to track the colony

Optical Equipment:

Purchasing new optical surveillance equipment

Goal: 2,000€

Optical Equipment

Purchasing new optical surveillance equipment


If you are a company, you can help, too!
Get in contact with us so that we can inform you about the different projects
that you can sponsor. As a company, you will
benefit from the tax deduction given when donating to a Foundation.

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Help get our message out

Another important way to collaborate is to help us get our message out. The following is a listing of the materials we have available for you to learn more about the Mediterranean Monk Seal. You can use it to increase awareness about the need to help preserve this animal in danger of extinction.
If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us :