CYBERTRACKER: A new tool for the registration of information at Cabo Blanco

The second week of November, technicians of CBD-Habitat foundation had received a course about geographical information system and about how to program Cybertracker software.

Cybertracker is a free software that turns to be the most efficient method to register information bound to GPS position, on an easy and fast way. Screen designs can be personalized, combining text and icons, letting its use by any user, independently of its informatics knowledge or level (http://www.cybertracker.org/).

The next step will be to include Cybertracker to the surveillance and monitoring works being developed at the monk seal colony of Cabo Blanco. To do so, we will develop specific applications adjusted to the different objectives considered at the Conservation Program.

This way, technicians and local conservation agents that watch the Reserve, will have a common tool, fast and easy for the registration of georeferenced information. This will make easier the analysis and later treatment of data (database creation, statistical treatment, cartography, etc.).

A new world of possibilities opens!! That will combine knowledge and experience of people that work on the field with new technologies.

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