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Collapses, a great threat for the species

The coast in which the breeding caves are located is formed by beaches and cliffs.  Cliffs are very fragile and the collapses are a great threat for the species.  

What a surprise had the conservation agents that work at the north of the reserve “Costa de las Focas”!!  

At this area we work monitoring the use of the habitat at potential areas for the expansion of the Mediterranean monk seal. This monitoring is being done by paths that go on top of cliffs, surveys to fishermen and by monitoring of caves and beaches with photo tramp cameras.  

Cameras are check once a month. On October’s revision, conservation agents saw that a collapse had literally buried one of them. This camera was installed on top of a cave that, even if previously it had suffered a partial collapse of its ceiling, it had good conditions for seals to haul out at the back end of sand.  

Cameras are installed in two ways; directly fixed to the wall or inside a water barrel which gives greatest protection and eases its handling. Corb.3C

Water barrel with camera on entrance of a cave


Camera inside the water barrel

Now, we have not only lost one of the cameras, but we have lost as well this haul out “hotel”, because the collapse has blocked the entrance to the back end of sand.

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