Mother and monk seal breeding together. M. Haya-CBD-Habitat.

The success of the 2014 breeding season!

2014 breeding season is a complete success because never on the last 20 years, so many pups have been detected to be born at Cabo Blanco peninsula. And the best part of this great news is that breeding season is not over yet! so a few more births could be added to the incredible record lived this year at “Costa de las Focas” reserve.

We consider this number of great success not only because so far the program has counted 67 births, but because of those firstborns, only 18 have died or disappeared to date, which leaves the mortality rate on 26,86% (very close to the lowest death mortality rate ever detected (24%)), and because of those 49 survivors, at least 25 are females.

Unfortunately, we cannot forget that this mortality rate will probably rise on the next few weeks, when bad weather and sea conditions start to jeopardize the life of the most little ones.

Technicians of the program spend many many hours in front of the cameras making sure everything is going as it has to; Analyzing and detecting any detail that happens on the inside beach of the breeding caves. Ready in case it is necessary to intervene.

These very long hours of monitoring are the opportunity as well of watching beautiful and very hard moments. Beautiful, when a mother appears and calls for its pup, and you are the indirect witness of that incredibly sweet encounter; but very hard ones, when you find a pup inside the cave in difficultness to which you cannot react, or a mother calling for a pup that was found dead not long before on a beach.

But those moments are part of the normal path of the colony living at “Costa de las Focas” reserve, a colony that, fortunately, is every year more numerous.

Let’s keep working as, or even harder, as right now, so this encouraging rising trend is kept!

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