We’re going to the Mediterranean sea!

Our Greek colleagues invited us to participate in a LIFE project that takes place in Andros, the northernmost island of the Cyclades. Due to its proximity to Evia, it is a connecting link between the Cyclades and the islands of the western Aegean, a fact that is reflected in its geographical and biotic characteristics, since the terrestrial and marine environment of the island presents a wide variety of habitats, which shelters rare and endangered species, such as the monk seal of the Mediterranean.

Within the LIFE ANDROS Park (LIFE16 NAT / GR / 000606), run by the Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal (MOM), there is a monk seal conservation project in the eastern Mediterranean, so we went there in the month of July and, together with Panos and Alex, we installed five cameras of phototraping using our tracking technique in the breeding and resting caves, to try to take the pulse of this year’s breeding season. In this way, we also import to the Greek islands our methodology, developed and extensively tested in Cabo Blanco, and which has given such good results in Madeira.

en el aguainstalando

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