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In Memoriam- Luc Hoffmann

Today, July 21, 2016, we have lost one of the people who has worked hardest towards the conservation of nature around the world, Mr. Luc Hoffmann.

Founder of the World Wildlife Fund, a pioneer in the preservation of the Doñana wetlands and the father of the Ramsar Convention, he has many other very important achievements to his credit, for which he will be remembered around the world as he rightly deserves. Nevertheless, we at the Monk Seal Conservation Program will remember him as the person who believed in us and in what was being done along the Seal Coast. When the conservation program had no funds left to continue its seal protection activities, an on-site visit by Luc Hoffmann changed the course of events for the Cap Blanc monk seal colony. After his visit, he made a steadfast, decisive commitment to the program through the MAVA foundation, which gave us the final momentum needed to implement all of the conservation measures we had begun to develop to protect this, the last monk seal colony in the world.

Today, over ten years after that visit, we can proudly say that the monk seal colony is on a clear path to recovery, the number of its members having increased by more than 150%, reaching nearly 300 individuals, and that its future, though it remains uncertain and will require all the support in the world, can be viewed far more optimistically than before.

Rest in peace, Luc Hoffmann, as you can be sure that Cap Blanc’s monk seals will always remember you every time they come out to rest on the beach that will bear your name for all eternity.

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