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23 is a great number!

23 pups were born so far at “Costa de las Focas” reserve. It could seem just a number, nothing to be proud of…but the truth is that it means an incredible success. 23 pups and we are just starting the 6th month of 2016! We still have to wait for the pick of the breeding season!

And why is it a big success? well let’s go back a little. Did you know that until 2005 the colony only had between 25-29 pups all year around? And that on those years only around 1-2 pups were born during the first six months of the year?

So what do you think after knowing that? Isn’t it an impressive recovery? An incredible success for a species that females only have a pup per year and that are reproductive only after reaching three years of age?

It is true that there are still many things to do, but it is great to know that the actions and efforts taken since the creation of “Costa de las Focas” reserve on 2001, are having such positive results. Don’t you think?

Let’s see if this year confirms again the positive trend surpassing last year’s 73 pups!!!

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