S14D17 C1 MC 125

Sahara is a good mother

Sahara is a female catalogued with the ID number 2145. Her first observation was on 1995 as an adult/subadult. She should be around 23 years of age. She gave birth to at least 10 pups, of which 9 survived to first molt. This means that she is a good mother. A very successful female.

Last breeding season we saw her with her last pup, P849.

Every day, she would take her pup out of the cave, making her swim with precise and delicate side touches with her body and head. 100m away from the protection of the cliffs, that creates a wall north of the entrance of the cave, Sahara would let her pup decide. Then, the little one would immediately turn around starting to swim fast back to the safety of the cave. Sahara is by her side all the time, letting her do. But when the pup is almost at the entrance of her refuge, Sahara would make her turn again starting the exercise again. Confronting the sea for the second time, resisting, and sensing an anguish grimace, as pout that anticipates the cry of children. But her mother would not be scare keeping the exercise, again and again, until deciding it is enough for the day. Sahara knows that her pup must be ready in what it is vital for survival, swimming. And she knows that there would be days of bad sea conditions.

That is why
Sahara is a good mother
. Even if her pup suffers and does not understand this must game that takes her out of the dry and soft cushion of sand of the inside beach where she was born.

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