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“Costa de las Focas” reserve is full of life

The birth of P805 on march of this year, was the starting point of the 2015 breeding season. One season that we hoped it would give us a new record regarding the number of pups born.

And it happened that way!! 73 pups were born so far!

Many of these pups had already their first molt, and therefore surpassed one of the most dangerous phases of their lives. We say many, because to date, the survival to two months of age it is being very high.

So these days the reserve is full of youngsters, little grey balls that play in front of the caves and start to learn how to fend for themselves. It is wonderful to see all this new generation of seals swimming carefree in front of the caves that saw their birth.

It is a moment to enjoy and have a reason to celebrate, to stop for an instant (not too long because we still have many things to do!) and become enchanted with these pictures so full of live, that we always love to share with you.

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