El tuerto

One eyed

This adult male is very especial for us. Monitored since birth, the actual 2384 was named one eyed, because when pup, he lost one of his eyes. Born on October 2009, he was very easy to detect because of his distinguishable wound.

Constantly monitored ever since, we found out that he was more than capable of surviving with just half of his vision.  Looking healthy as juvenile, we realized that his handicap was not making him less capable of surviving.

On 2013, we saw him for the first time as adult male. It is easy to know when males turn to adulthood, because they molt their fur from color grey to a beautiful black with a unique white ventral patch with black spots.

That unique ventral patch could be considered similar to our fingerprints and let us identify the animals without any possible error.

Since then and to date, we often see this young adult male of a little bit over 6 years of age, sleeping inside one of the breeding caves or playing in front of them with other animals of the colony.

¡We hope to see him many more years!

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