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Two months already went by after the release of the “mohor” at Safia

Even if it is too soon to analyze the behavior of this antelope in the wild, we cannot help to take a look to what one of the females radio-tagged did.

Well, these were her first “steps”:

Her first movements were clearly exploratory, going long distances, but always having as reference the acclimation enclosure- the one she was released from-. This behavior is the usual described by other reintroduction programs for other species after release; A first phase in which the animals use their time to explore the possible maximum area of the habitat they are at.

And after that? Clearly her movements started to be not as erratic and she started to go more frequently to very specific areas. We could say that right now she is on a phase of exploring resources, a phase in which she clearly selected some areas with good vegetable coverage and, even if it is a little too soon to hypothesize, maybe an area that gives her confidence. Despite of that, she never forgets the enclosure in which she stayed all her life until now, maybe remembering it as a secure area to which come back. We also cannot forget the attraction that her “pals” that still are at the inside of the enclosure do to her, still being for her part of her reproductive nucleus. One thinks to understand the conversations between them; what you guys are missing out here!

And to delight the eye, a picture taken by the field staff at Safia of our protagonist.

Oh! We almost forget to tell you, as you can see, she is not alone!

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