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The Mediterranean monk seal population that lives in Cabo Blanco is recovering!

Every year thanks to the photoidentification and the monitoring of the inside of the main breeding caves, we are able to detect how many subadults and adults are, as well as how many pups or youngsters survive.

Today, “Costa de las Focas” reserve has a catalogue with 210 files of adults and subadults, of which close to 100 belong to reproductive females! This leaves the total population, without counting pups of the year, to close to 250 animals and growing every year.

If we look back, ten years ago we had on the catalogue 117 animals of which only 53 were females. A decade later, and thanks to all the conservation measures, those numbers have been doubled!

But there are still many more things to do, to keep this good trend.

For us it is impossible to forget that even if numbers talk about recovery, the situation of the population is still very fragile, and that without the constant surveillance of the “Costa de las focas” reserve or all the other protection measures, all this could change.

So let’s keep working hard!!

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