Amrigue is a very special seal. He is now the most well-known adult male of the colony that inhabits “Costa de las Focas” reserve, and it is so because he decided to live at the Satellite Reserve of Cabo Blanco, the only area open to the public with a visitor’s center where locals and tourist can see a monk seal. That resident monk seal is Amrigue.

Amrigue 2 He is there most of the time, sleeping on the beach or swimming close to the shore, for the delight of all that go and feel the precious moment they are living, when seeing in the wild an adult male of one of the rarest and most endangered seals of the world.

But Amrigue is more than a seal that lives far away from the rest of the colony, without known contact with others of its own.

Born in 1997 not long before the mass mortality episode that killed two thirds of the Mediterranean monk seal population of the Cabo Blanco peninsula in one month, Amrigue was rescued because he was very little to survive. Released on a beach a few months later, after making sure that he would be able to manage by its own, he was monitored for a while.

Nothing was known of him for a few years, until 2003 when he appeared again. Amrigue came back as a beautiful adult male, and since that moment he has always been seen at the Satellite Reserve of Cabo Blanco.

Time has go by and now Amrigue is and oldie of 18 years. He keeps hauling out on the same beach or swimming close by, keeping his territory. So, if you get the chance of going to visit the area, you probably will be able to see him.

But even if the only thing you are able to see of him is pictures, just remember his story and look at him on a special way.

He is a survivor and a living memory of the biggest catastrophe of the last decades experienced by this population, and of course the reminder of a dangerous threat that could come back at any time.

Amrigue 3

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