Mohor in freedom and another one of acknowledgements

We told you already that during the month of May was performed the second “Operación Mohor” with the release- at the region of Safia- of the first individuals of this beautiful antelope extinct in the wild at the end of the 60s .

After being almost a month and a half at Safia, there are a lot of stories that can be told…but this time we prefer to start saying thank you. Again our greatest thank you to the field team that give everything for the Project; controlling the area against poaching, monitoring the released mohor and doing a little bit of everything (to build a fence to capture the animals, helping on the capture and tagging if they are needed, and always helping with any problem that could appear). As technicians we are used to bring all the specific and needed material to develop the jobs we need to do, even more, if we have to go to a place where it is hard to find the required material. If suddenly there is something missing…”mushkila!” (One of the main words in Arab you have to learn and that means “problem”). But our field team always have the answer ready: “ma mushkila” (no problem) solving the problem as Mc Gyvers (incredible the things they can solve with just a piece of wire and imagination!).

Amazing the control done against poaching. How they are capable of driving all night taking as only reference the stars until getting to the hunters, on a land where it is difficult to drive even at daylight.

It is impossible to sum up everything that has happened on this month and a half, but we will keep the moment that made our heart skip a beat: when seeing for the first time, in freedom, an antelope mohor between the talhas (acacias) of Safia. More intense is the feeling if you start tracking the footprints that at the end guide you to the animal. The mohors are radio tracked with GPS transmitters which allow us to monitor them. But we have to highlight the ability of the field team to track the footprints (with the advantage that they don’t need batteries). But, for sure, tea and “gofio” is something essential and sacred.

We will keep you telling about the adventures of the mohor. And how we have witnessed the encounter in freedom of the mohor and the dorcas gazelles; the surprise, of both species after seeing each other; “but, where have you come from that I haven’t seen you before?” or what is a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

To end, our acknowledgement to the guards of Safia, for the very well done work which is always done with all their heart. And so you know how they look like, here it is the picture of the field team.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  From left to right: Mohamed Lemin Semlali (president of Nature Initiative, our local partner), and the field team Sid Ahmed El Makki, Mhamad Alifal, Mohamed El Mokhtar Nafaa y Ali Lemdimigh.   

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