Monk seals inside cave M.Cedenilla CBD-Habitat

A unique population

The population of monk seals that inhabits the “Costa de las focas” reserve is unique.

Unique because if represents close to half of the entire population of the species worldwide; unique because it is the largest colony that exists to date; unique because it keeps a colonial structure of about 250 animals; unique because it recovered from 100 animals to those actual 250 thanks to the conservation efforts; unique because it is the most well known; unique because its individuals can be monitored since birth; unique because its numbers keeps increasing yearly; unique because more and more births occur every year; unique because all age categories were monitored at sea; unique because it can be monitored daily thanks to a close tv monitoring circuit; unique because it lives outside Europe; unique because it survives in less than 6km of coast; unique because it lives in only three caves; unique because on 1997 two thirds of the population died in less than two months due to a red tide; unique because it faces very worrying threats that could make it go extinct in a wink…

The Mediterranean monk seal program works with its partners to not let that happen, but we need help. Would you want to become part of this unique program?

Here there are some ways of doing so, and of course: Let others know about the Mediterranean monk seal conservation program!!

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