Awareness and Environmental education in schools. CBD-Habitat

Environmental education, part of the solution

A conservation program is not completed if it does not include awareness campaigns with which rise concern to local population about the problem faced and mostly important if it does not make them part of the solution.

Or at least this is what the Mediterranean monk seal conservation program believes.

Since the beginning of the program, local population specially school children, teachers and fishermen are always included, never forgotten in the actions to be developed.

Courses about sustainable fishing to artisanal fishermen, about the importance of protecting the environment to school children, increase their knowledge about the biodiversity that surrounds them or going to local festivals where the program is able to talk about the importance of protecting the marine environment among others, are always an important part of the program.

Because protecting the environment and an endangered animal is always more than making sure that the population rises in numbers, or having a protected area, what it really is, is to make locals understand how lucky they are to have such a richness so close and how much benefit can bring them keep this unique environment sustainable.

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