They deserve it!

This is a recognition to the teams that work in the field.

Many times we think that the people that have the opportunity to work every day at “Costa de las Focas” reserve and at the expansion area of the colony located up north,  are very fortunate. Technicians and conservation agents dedicate all their efforts to the protection of one of the most endangered marine mammals of the world. But we cannot forget that they work daily on very hard conditions, developing their job with climatological conditions that are not always nice: sand storms, rough weather and extreme temperatures.

LLuviadearena   Tormentaarena

Sand storm

The encampment of “Costa de las Focas” reserve offers some comforts; but the agents and technicians work as well on areas that require displacements outside the limits of the reserve. On these cases they remain weeks away from their families and even further away than 80km from the nearest village. This obliges them, besides their qualification, to be mechanics, cooks, good drivers or great story tellers to make more pleasant the long nights in tents or “jaimas”.


Without their daily work, collecting rigorously the data about the species and threats, it would be impossible to do all the studies and the afterwards analysis of the evolution of the colony that are done at the office.

It is for all of it, that here it goes our gratitude to all of them, to the ones that have worked with us and to the ones that are still giving everything to the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal: to the coordinator of the Monk seal conservation program at Mauritania, Hamady; to the technicians of the reserve, Moulaye and Abba; to the coordinator of the activities developed at the expansion area, Mohamed Lamine; and to the agents   Zeidan (Mohamed), Bilal, Saleck, Mohamed, Zeidan (Demmane), Ali, Batal, Sid Ahmed, Mhamed, Babi, Allali and Ahmed.   

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