Seals and gazelles at the same time?

Could you imagine being able to see a monk seal and a gazelle almost at the same time?

This luck have the conservation agents that go across the coastal area located north of the monk seal colony. It is frequent, during those itineraries of the conservation agents, to cross individuals of Saharan Dorcas gazelle not too far away from the cliffs. At this coastal strip, gazelles found refugee against their worst threat, poaching. It is an almost impenetrable area for vehicles, which make them feel safer.

Poaching was a great threat for the monk seal on the past, being coveted for its fur and blubber. This gazelle is being hunted for the exquisiteness of its meat and for the wrong assignment- to determined parts of its body- of certain curative effects and health benefits.

This persecution is making the species go to extinction. If kept, we could be deprived in the future of the enjoyment of a splendid image as the one we share today, judge by yourself!

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  1. Difficile de trouver des bonnes études sur ce sujet, voilà c’est
    chose faites avec ce blog, merci et encore bravo.

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