Cybertracker a very useful tool for the surveillance of “Costa de las focas” reserve

At the end of November 2014, we wrote a post at this same blog about the new app we were going to include on the surveillance of “Costa de las Focas” reserve.

Not too long afterwards, on December 2014, conservation agents started to test on the field new PDAs with this app uploaded, checking that everything worked correctly and taking notes of anything that had to be changed.

After almost a month of testing the new system, on January 2015, the new recording methodology is a reality at “Costa de las Focas” reserve. Conservation agents stopped using paper files and started to record the information with this new system.

The advantages of using Cybertracker are numerous like reducing quantity of paper and ink used, and of course, time!

Thanks to this new system all the information acquire on the daily surveillance, downloads directly to the data base, reducing hours of digitalization of data and making the information more available to all the staff members (on the field and at the office). This makes its analysis more efficient which leads to an improvement on the response to any threat or infraction that could be detected.

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