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Working in the field 365 days of 2014 to save the last big monk seal colony in the world!

This year that is about to end, has left us with a lot of good news and great achievements towards the recovery of the species at “Costa de las focas” reserve. But before highlighting some of them, it is very important for us to emphasize our gratitude to all the institutions, foundations and donors that are part of the Mediterranean monk seal conservation program. Without their support, these would have never been possible.

Not only 69 pups have been born this year, which is the highest ever registered by the program and the number of estimated animals at the colony has increased, but the program has learned many interesting and useful things about the biology and behavior of the species on these 365 days of monitoring.

Looking into what has been done towards the improvement of the surveillance of the reserve, we have to talk about the renewal of the signs, barrier and panels, the new uniform and the implementation of a new surveillance system.

In addition, the monk seal conservation program believes crucial the environmental awareness; that is why it did an environmental educational program at Mauritania, with activities at schools and visits of over 120 school children to the Satellite Reserve of Cap Blanc and trained 30 teachers on environmental awareness activities.

At the marine resources festival of Nouadhibou, in collaboration with the Mauritanian National Fisheries Federation, it gave talks about responsible and sustainable fishing to artisanal fishermen.

At Madrid, it participated at the course about marine mammals at the Zoo Aquarium of Madrid; it was at the VI reunion of the Action Plan group for the recovery of the Mediterranean monk seal in the Eastern Atlantic held at Fuerteventura, where the next steps to take in order to keep improving the recovery of the species were defined; And at the end of 2014, it participated at the LIFE WEB seminar held at Nairobi.

And finally, the program has created its new web page, and started this blog with which we want you to feel part of our daily routine at “Costa de las Focas” reserve.

But even though great things were done so far, many more things have to be done in the years to come to take the species out of the brink of extinction…will you help us?

Come into our web page, there are many ways you can become part of the Mediterranean monk seal conservation program or write us to:

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