Training on rope progression and rescue at cliffs and marine caves

Mediterranean monk seals use at Cabo Blanco a coastal line composed, mainly, of cliffs and littoral caves, constantly exposed to the swell and tide action of the Atlantic ocean. In fact, as most of you would probably know, individuals of the colony always reproduce and breed in some of those caves.

Technicians of the Conservation program work every day on this hostile environment with the aim of permanently monitor and have under surveillance the colony and to install and maintain the needed infrastructures to do so.

Personal risk derived from these working conditions, oblige on keeping a very exigent level of technical qualification and resources, to allow guarantee the security of the staff involved.

Between December 11th and 16th, all the project staff performing jobs at field, have participated on a training course on rope progression and rescue at cliffs, given at the reserve “Costa de las Focas” by three specialist monitors of the Rescue team Montaña Activa, came from Albacete (Spain). This group works with the program since a year ago, giving information and technical advice.

Security must be our first responsibility.

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