Lessons learned from LIFEWEB projects

On December 9th and 10th we participated at the seminar “LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE 2010-2014 SPAIN/UNEP PARTNERSHIP FOR PROTECTED AREAS IN SUPPORT OF LIFEWEB” at Nairobi.

Results of the different projects developed under the LIFE WEB initiative were presented. In our case we gave a talk about the project: “Conservation measures at the Special Conservation Areas for the Monk Seal (SACMS) at Mauritania and adjacent areas”.

This initiative has let us achieve the main result of this project (2011-2014): the consolidation at the SCAMS, defined at the Action Plan for the Recovery of the Mediterranean Monk Seal in the Eastern Atlantic, of a permanent protection and monitoring system that has allowed to reduce the threats this species faces, which guarantees the population increase and its spread to these areas!!

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