S12D10-C3-C7-M.C.- 149

Breeding caves

“Costa de las Focas” reserve protects 6 km of coastal area where are the breeding caves use by the seals to breed and haul out.

When the Mediterranean monk seal conservation program started close to 15 years ago, there were only being used two caves (the ones we called 1 and 3). Since a few years ago, one more cave started to be used by seals (cave 7).

The number of the caves are in order of discover, so even though cave 7 is nearby cave 3, before that cave was discovered, three other were first.

Use of caves by seals varies constantly, and there is no pattern that could tell us, why they use sometimes one cave or another. What we have detected on the last two- three years is that seals are using more and more this cave 7 at the expense of the other two caves.

This cave is of recent use, reason why it has no monitoring system with which see its inside beach. Soon this will be changed, because a new installation is being prepared for the near future!!

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