Desert foxes live happily at “Costa de las Focas” reserve!

“Costa de las Focas” reserve, was created on 2001 for protecting the Mediterranean monk seal colony that lived there, but it seems than many more species are benefit from this protection. One of them is the desert fox:  a group of this species has decided to live at the land part of the reserve.

Most of the sightings are at night, first you hear their bark and when coming out to see, you observe for a blink, the red reflection of their eyes when looking at your direction, they move really fast, never alone, always in three or four. It is an amazing feeling to know how close they are!!

Every year we count more, and this year the conservation agents of the program found a litter very close to the biological station located at the core of “Costa de las Focas” reserve. This incredible finding let us understand the importance of this reserve, because the ban of any kind of activity on the area, has let animals as rare and beautiful as the Mediterranean monk seal or the desert fox, increase in numbers.

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